Small and Home Business Blog Carnival – February 2009

Welcome to the February 9, 2009 edition of small and home business carnival. With the recession really starting to kick in, I’m sure that you will all agree that any and all business advice is more than welcome. The way people work in the future is definitely changing with many predicting an increase in small businesses and home based workers. I hope you learn something from this months carnival and it helps you weather the upcoming economic upheaval. Thank you all for submitting.


Jack S. Keifer presents Being Proactive is Hard posted at Jack S. Keifer.

DebbieDragon presents 11 Tips for a Successful Home-Based Business posted at Empowering Mom.

Insurance Toolbox presents The Importance of Insurance for your Small Business posted at Insurance Toolbox.

Will Edwards presents Demand Management posted at ITIL V3 Talk, saying, “There are really two aspects to Demand Management that should be considered: the first concerns operational support activity; the second relates to strategic intent – hence the inclusion of the process in the Service Strategy publication.”

Tushar Mathur presents Do You Need To Purchase Registered Agent Service For Your Business posted at Small Business Resource, saying, “Registered Agent services aren’t cheap. Many companies charge $100-125 per year to act as your agent. So it’s important for you to know 1. Do you need a Registered Agent and 2. Should you pay for one.”

Small Biz Bee presents Defining an Entrepreneur posted at Small Biz Bee, saying, “What is the definition of Entrepreneur?”

Tushar Mathur presents Exiting Your Business, What You Need to Know posted at Everything Finance, saying, “A business exit is a vital part of your overall business planning. Properly done, an exit plan will provide a roadmap to your personal freedom – a disengagement from the business – as well as assure that your hard-earned illiquid business wealth is protected. Executing a plan that provides freedom and wealth protection can require as much thought as the building of a business, sometimes more.”

Stephen Pierce presents How To Be Successful In Your Home Based Business? posted at Make Real Money On The Internet, saying, “One of the major fears that make people hesitate before they could venture into home based business is that whether they will be successful or not in their business. Without exception, every business has to live through this fear. However, many things are within our control and when we concentrate on these factors we can guarantee success. Here are some tips that will help you along the way.”

Stingy Student presents $350 in free facebook ads posted at Stingy Students.

American Entrepreneurship presents Are Your Small Business Ownership Expectations Realistic posted at American Entrepreneurship.

Ralph Jean-Paul presents How To Make Important Decisions Quickly posted at Potential 2 Success, saying, “Quick decision making is critical in just about every aspect of life. Every decision you make produces a result. In every line of business, quick decision making is crucial for success.”

Fiona King presents 101 Time-Saving Google Tricks for Work, Play and Learning posted at Best University.

JobandCareer Advice presents Now What Makes A Great Manager? posted at The GreatManagement Blog, saying, “How to go from an avergae Manager to a GREAT one…”

Andy presents Why You Should Start Your Own Business posted at Personal Hack, saying, “I’m sure you’ve probably thought about it many times. Many assume that starting a business is tough, takes a lot of responsibility, many long nights and is hard work. Well they’re wrong.”

Peter Kimmich presents What Can I Do With an MBA? posted at Business Schools Blog, saying, “A look at the many business options available to those who go for the MBA degree.”

John Crickett presents Selling A Business: Don’t Waste Your Money On Business Transfer Agents posted at Business Opportunities And Ideas, saying, “When it comes time to sell your business, don’t let business transfer agents turn away potential buyers. Better yet don’t use them and sell the business yourself.”

Mini Life Hacks presents Time for work and time for play posted at The Chicken Entrepreneur.

Heather Jumah presents Creating a Brand for Your Home Based Business posted at Wealth Success and Women, saying, “Working from home can present some obstacles that you might not be ready for and you’re not armed with the benefit of marketers or branding specialists. Here are some things to consider when trying to brand your new online business.”

Thursday Bram presents Playing With The New Skype posted at Working Your Way Around The World, saying, “One of the most useful free business tools, Skype, just got a big update — making it even more useful.”

ultim8frizB presents How to Start a Teen Lawn Service posted at Teen Lawn Care.

John W. Furst presents Psychology For Marketers 2 – About Estimating Value posted at E-Biz Booster Blog, saying, “The quest for happiness is a main driver for people to buy products. Let’s understand the psychology behind it. It will help you to improve some aspects of your product offers.”

Silicon Valley Blogger presents Top 20 Dumbest Business Ideas That Made Millions…Or Not! posted at The Digerati Life.

The Smarter Wallet presents Why Work At Home? Top Reasons For Staying Home To Work posted at The Smarter Wallet.

Helene Zemel presents 12 Tips for Effective Phone Presentations posted at Work at Home Mom and Dad, saying, “You’ve done your marketing and now have leads to work with. Most likely you have snail mailed or e-mailed your client or customer additional information describing your product or service. At some point in the marketing process, you must pick up the phone and actually talk with the customer.”

William James presents Information Marketing is all about lifestyle posted at Internet Marketing | Information Marketing | Blog Marketing | Business Success.

Woman Tribune presents A Success Guide for Women Entrepreneurs posted at Woman Tribune.

Brian Terry presents “Live” Direct Response Website Design Tactics posted at Big Selling Website Design.

Sandy Naidu presents Illene Segal Of baby idesign posted at Interviews With Successful Business Owners.

Fiona Lohrenz presents How To Make Your Day Care Stand Out And Be More Profitable! posted at Child Care Only.

Caterina presents Make Your Business Resolutions Stick posted at Create a Thriving Business.

garth snider presents FranchiseOpportunities posted at FranchiseOpportunities.

Helen Trump presents MOMENTUM posted at Social Marketing by Michelle MacPhearson, saying, “Blog on the interesting Social Media Daily and Web 2.0 properties for link building”

Mathew Butka presents 7 Reasons You Have Failed At Network Marketing or MLM posted at Adventures Of A Stay At Home Dad.

Stefan Töpfer presents WinWeb Celebrates 15 Years Helping Small Business & Home Business posted at Winweb Blog.

Leo D presents 114 Things I Wished I Knew as an Internet Marketer When I First Started posted at Strategic Internet Marketing Blog.

Ms. Smarty Pants presents A Time Management System That Works posted at Ms. Smarty Pants Know It All, saying, “I now have a handle on my week.”

Kevin Dawson presents Case Study: Controversy in Marketing Part 1 posted at Kevin Dawson’s Copywriting & Traffic, saying, “Using controversy in marketing”

Debbie Fierst presents Guts to go Alone posted at Daily Snippet.

Matt Thomas presents 5 Reasons Why You Should Keep Working for Yourself posted at Entre-Propel.

Mike G presents Own Your Work posted at Money TLD, saying, “Freelancing is usually done as work for hire, but you may want to consider retaining rights to your work.”

Paul Benavides presents 4 Setbacks in Making Profits Online (and how to handle them) posted at Profits 4 Idiots.

Aditi Walsh presents Entrepreneur, What Do You Really Want for 2009? posted at Web Marketing Rebel, saying, “It takes great courage to go for what you really want. Intentions can get tainted by what you don’t have or haven’t yet been able to secure. Tulshi Sen, author of Ancient Secrets of Success for Today’s World shows us how we can embrace the new year with courage and choose what we really want for our business and life.”


D.Osman presents 13 Reasons Why You Should Create Product! posted at No Hype…No Fluff…No B.S. ! Marketing Product Reviews And Info.

Praveen presents $30,000 Per Month in Affiliate Marketing posted at My Simple Trading System.

Traci Hayner Vanover presents 2009 Savyy Marketing Strategies: Think Local posted at Create The Dream! – Bimonthly Digital Small Business Magazine, saying, “Create the Dream!™ is a bi-monthly digital magazine for small business owners looking for information, resources and strategies that are both creative and affordable.”

Martin Russell presents The Only Real Marketing Expert Is… posted at Word of Mouth Marketing, saying, “You buy lots of stuff and in those situations you are the marketing expert. The one handing over the money is the one who is deciding what ‘marketing’ was effective. Anyone else’s opinion is just that, an opinion. Non-buyers such as visitors, lookie-looks, tyre-kickers, friends, family, even consultants and marketing “gurus” will all have an opinion, but beware of thinking they are the real expert.”

money & finance

Pinyo Bhulipongsanon presents Five Reasons Lending Club Beats Credit Cards When Funding a Small Business posted at Moolanomy.

Stephen Pierce presents 3 Tips to Get a Grip And Make Money Online posted at DTAlpha TalkBack with Stephen Pierce, saying, “Here is a 4 minute and 18 second video that gives you what I call, “3 Tips To Get A Grip On The Money Game!””

apply4-credit presents Small Business and Credit Card Acceptance posted at Credit Card Applications Expert |

Patrick Meninga presents How to Make Passive Income posted at Passive Income, saying, “Specific examples of ways that you can make passive income. How to set up some passive income streams so that you have additional income each month. How to grow your passive income streams so that they eventually replace your day job income.”


Thursday Bram presents CPSIA Update: Law Hurts Second-Hand Sellers Too posted at Solo Mode.

Tami Blodgett presents OWA ROUTE TO SUCCESS posted at Online Wellness: A Safe Haven, saying, “Max Fabry explores the necessity of the internet for every wellness practitioner in this age of technology.”

Mark Harris presents Medical Billing and Coding Home Businesses posted at Oslo Nightengale.


Kathleen Gaga presents Market Your Expertise Online Through Teleseminars posted at Street Smarts Marketing & Promotions, saying, “With economics the way they are today it is essential for companies large and small to find effective ways to reach their market, introduce products and increase customer care. Teleseminars are one of the best ways to do this. There are a number of types of teleseminars you can offer. Learn more about what these are.”

Steven Lohrenz presents Prediction On Copywriters During The Financial Mess posted at Stephen Dean’s Copywriting And Internet Advertising Blog – Copywriter.

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of small and home business carnival using our carnival submission form.

Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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